Lock your bike… to a heart


A heart-shaped bike rack spotted in Soho

I spotted this metal heart on a lamp post in Soho on Saturday. It’s a rather simple but elegant place to lock your bike. I snapped it, posted it on Instagram and thought no more about it.

But today I discovered that it’s part of an art installation to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. There are 14 of these rather sweet and eye-catching “bike racks” dotted around London.

You can find out more — and make a donation — via this JustGiving page.

Pick a line


Pedestrian/cycle path near the Albert Memorial taken at 7:50am this morning

I must have known it was going to snow overnight: I bought myself a new pair of winter cycling gloves at lunch time yesterday. They got a good work out this morning.

January wrap-up: 196 miles in a month

January-calendarJanuary is over, so how did the month go in terms of commuter cycling?

Out of a possible 20 days, I cycled 15 (that’s what the black marks on the calendar, pictured left, represent), which isn’t too bad given I hadn’t cycled properly since last summer.

I cycled a total of 196 miles, though my Garmin says I only cycled 183, but that’s because it failed to record two morning’s worth of pedal power.

My Garmin also says I burned 7,260 calories, which may partly explain the 3kg weight loss — though I have been walking 5 miles a day on top of this and following a 750 calorie deficit diet using my FitBit Flex.

All in all, I’d say quite a good month given the horrible cold, dark conditions with which I’ve had to contend. I suspect February won’t be quite as active — my calendar is full of evening social engagements, which means I need to leave the bicycle at home, but I’ll see how it goes…