Heading to Suffolk for the 100km Crafted Classique

So, this time tomorrow night, I’ll be on a train headed to Suffolk accompanied by an overnight bag and my road bike. That’s because I’ve entered a 100km sportive on Saturday, which is being organised as part of the Ipswich Cycling Weekend.

I’ve wanted to do another cycling challenge ever since completing London Nightrider in June. But most of the events I’d like to tackle are outside of London and because I don’t own a car getting to them is problematic.

So when I was told about the Crafted Classique, which starts and finishes in Ipswich, just a stone’s throw from the train station, I figured it was doable. When I was offered free entry in exchange for blogging about the experience, I promptly booked a train ticket and a hotel room.

I’m really looking forward to the event. I think I have everything I need: a road bike, a helmet, a puncture repair kit, a drink bottle (and electrolyte drink tablets), a supply of snacks, a bike computer (for mileage), an iPhone (for photographs, mapping and Garmin tracking), a power bank (for recharging the iPhone if necessary) and lights (just in case it gets dark and murky).

I’ve been keeping my eye on the weather forecast all week so that I can work out what to wear (longs? shorts? base layer? rain jacket?) and so far it looks like the morning might be a bit damp but the afternoon should be fine and sunny.

It kicks off at 9am — I figure I should get around the course, all being well, in around six hours. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes…


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