An early morning cycle

Last week I clocked up some 90 miles by commuting to work every day, four of those days to Teddington, which is an 18 mile round trip. This week I’m working locally, which means there’s no reason to ride the bike: I simply saunter across the road and am sitting at my desk 10 minutes later.

However, I’ve got a 100km sportive coming up this weekend (I’ll write more about that tomorrow), so need to do the odd training ride or two lest I lose fitness (I’m already worried I’m going to struggle to do the distance). So, this morning I hauled myself out of bed at 6.10am (despite every bone/nerve/muscle/brain cell in my body protesting at the very idea of leaving the snuggly comfort of my duvet) and was on the bike 20 minutes later.

The roads seemed slightly busier than my last early-morning cycle (on August 14) and the weather was a little cooler. In fact, there was fog in Richmond Park, although it burned off quickly, but I was just happy to see the sun come out: it’s been raining solidly for the past two days and I was beginning to think I might need to build an ark.

There were loads of deer about — lots of young ones — but I wasn’t really in the mood to stop and take snaps: I simply wanted to get around the park as quickly as possible, so I could get home, have a shower, gobble down some breakfast and then head to work. Judging by the number of mamils whizzing by me, I wasn’t the only one in a hurry…

Total distance: 15.85miles | Ride time: 1hr 14min and 48sec | Average speed: 12.7mph

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