New kit for the new bike

What no-one ever tells you when you buy a new bike is that you need to factor in extra costs for additional kit. For instance, if you buy a standard hybrid bike for commuting, one that isn’t “road ready”, you will probably also need to buy lights, mudguards and a rack for your bag/panniers.

I’m not using my road bike for commuting, so I haven’t bothered buying mudguards. But I have bought:

  • a new lock and cable
  • a bell
  • a bottle cage
  • a front light (I already have a rear light)
  • a bike computer

That has easily added another £100 to the cost of the bike.

Of course, a bike computer wasn’t truly necessary, but I wanted something cheap and cheerful to keep track of my speed/mileage that didn’t involve mounting an expensive iPhone on the handlebars. And I didn’t really need to buy a new lock given I’ve got three or four lying around for my commuter bike, but I wanted something a bit more lightweight just in case I felt the need to park my bike mid-way through a longish cycle.

I’m yet to purchase new pedals and am making doing with the flat ones that came supplied with the bike. I wanted to get to grips (pun not intended) with the different riding position and gears on a road bike, before tackling a whole new pedal/shoe system. I suspect that in a few more weeks I’ll be ready to make that purchase… but until then, I’m enjoying playing with all my new kit.

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