What a start to the day

Ever conscious that London Revolution is fast approaching and that I haven’t been putting the miles in, I got up early this morning and did a small loop of Richmond Park.

It was 6.55am when I left the house and 8.35am when I returned. In between:


  • I’d cycled along the Thames tow path (the tide was right up);
  • endured the misty rain that began to fall when I got to Barnes;


  • struggled to make it round the Tamsin trail in Richmond Park due to an energy low (mental note: eat breakfast before I go for a cycle, not afterwards);
  • smiled at the lack of traffic and then got grumpy when it started to build up (I had no idea so many cars used Richmond Park as a rat run during the morning rush hour);
  • noticed lots of ducks;


  • saw quite a few deer (and a dog doing his best to ignore them);


  • spent about 10 minutes at the dual rail crossing in Barnes waiting for SEVEN trains to go by;
  • cycled up the side of all the bumper-to-bumper traffic on Hammersmith Bridge and hoped no vehicle would pin me up against one of struts (as per this accident); and
  • then, just as I was about to cross the A4, got stopped by a police motorbike outrider ushering through a VIP vehicle (I suspect it was a guest for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral coming from Heathrow).

Phew. What a start to my day.

Total distance: 14.93miles (24.03km) | Moving time: 1hr 23min 26sec | Average moving speed: 10.7mph | Calories: 641C