Product review: Premium MacWet Sports Gloves

Glove-topsideWhen it comes to cycling gloves I know what I like: the gloves must be comfortable, breathable, warm (in winter), provide plenty of grip, offer padded protection to my palms and look good.

When I was asked to test a pair of Premium MacWet Sports Gloves I acquiesced, even though I already have a much-loved pair of Specialized ladies cycling gloves that I doubt could be improved upon. However, sometimes it's worth trying new things, because you might just discover a product even better than the one you truly love.

What I like about the Premium MacWet Sports Gloves

  • They are super soft and comfortable. And because the material is quite thin it offers grip confidence. I was never worried that I couldn't feel the handlebars!
  • My hands never got sweaty in the two weeks that I trialled them. That might have been because I was often cycling in sub-zero temperatures, but I think it probably has more to do with the wicking properties of the material.
  • They washed well — I simply threw them in the washing machine at 40C and they came out like new.

What I don't like

  • They are simply not suitable for winter cycling. My hands froze — from the wind and the rain. (I note the company also makes a winter weight version that is fleece-lined, water-resistant and windproof, so I wish I'd been asked to trial them instead of these micro-mesh ones which are more suitable for milder conditions.)
  • The short and thick elasticated cuffs with velcro fastening let the (cold) air in and didn't sit neatly on my hands, despite being the right size. And I simply didn't like the look of the gloves — I felt like I was going off to play a round of golf or compete in the Prix St. George level dressage!
  • The colour (white) was totally impractical. Within one wear they looked grey and grubby. I also felt a bit like Marcel Marceau. (On the upside, it would be difficult for other road users not to see my hand signals!) I note that there are other (more appropriate) colours available, such as blue, black and brown.
  • There is absolutely no padding on them. I tend to grip the handlebars quite tightly, so I like to have a little padding (preferably gel) so I don't get blisters or suffer numbness in my hands.

Overall opinion

These gloves feel lovely when you slip them on and they are easy to fasten and wash, but I'm not sure they are all that suitable for cycling. I could see they would be better suited to other sporting pursuits such as shooting, golf and horse riding where you need to ensure your grip is as skin-like as possible. That said, these might be okay to use when the weather is warmer and you want to stop your hands slipping on the handlebars.

Where can you buy?

You can order MacWet Gloves direct from the MacWet website. There is a comprehensive range of sizes available (including half-size increments). The short mesh ones I tried retail for £27.99.

My gloves were supplied to me for review purposes by Champions (UK) Plc.


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