Back to Richmond Park


Despite the lack of posts on this blog, I haven't put the bike away: I've been cycling regularly, but mainly as a commuter. But today, with a free afternoon to myself, I decided to trundle my way to Richmond Park, which I haven't visited since my last post on August 9.

It was perfect cycling weather — blue sky, sunshine (about 19°C) and a light breeze.


The park was looking in fine condition and there were plenty of people out and about, mainly dog walkers and people having picnics or sunbathing. I saw one little kid — he can't have been more than three years old — on a training bike wobbling along behind his dad and an over-keen Labrador — all very sweet; you can't start cycling too early.

I suspect more people are cycling in the park — thanks to the Olympic effect — because there's a bunch of new signs at all the entrance gates warning cyclists they will be fined £50 if they cycle off designated routes. I'm certain they weren't there last time I visited.


I did my normal loop of the park, stopping once at Bishop's pond (all covered in green algae — look at that poor heron stuck in the middle of it) and then again on the hilltop overlooking Pen Ponds (top picture), before heading home.

Sadly, my bike computer seems to be going through a temperamental phase and only recorded the first 15 minutes of my journey, so I can't quote any figures here. I guestimate that I cycled about 16 miles.