Oh bicycle, remember me?


It's been so long since I've gone cycling I'm surprised I remembered how to do it. The one-month absence from the bike has been a combination of many things — bad weather, laziness and a trip away to Canada — but this week I decided I couldn't let any more time slip away. The weight is piling on and I don't want to lose my cycle fitness. So, on Wednesday afternoon after I'd completed a freelance commission, I dusted off the bike and trundled my way to Richmond Park.

It was a glorious cycle. Even though it was cool enough to wear longs, a cycling jacket and gloves, the sun was out and there was little or no breeze. Perfect conditions for cycling actually.

And despite all my time away from the bike, my fitness was up to speed. In fact, for much of the cycle I felt very strong in the legs and would have done an extra loop of the park if it were not for my fear that I might overdo things and regret it the next day.

It was lovely to be out and about in the open air, too. I love seeing how Nature comes alive at this time of year. All the deciduous trees are in leaf, the bracken fern is returning to the undergrowth and the grass is a lush, deep green. And Richmond Park is alive with baby deer.

Total distance: 15.10miles (24.29km) | Ride time: 1hr 24min and 41sec | Average speed: 10.6mph | Top speed: 21.1mph


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