A cycle through the cherry blossom streets

Cherry-blossomToday I did a quick lunch-time cycle around the streets of Barnes and Fulham, taking in the Thames tow path and crossing the river at Hammersmith Bridge at one end and Putney Bridge at the other.

It was another fine sunny day for cycling. I didn't see many fellow cyclists on my travels but I certainly saw a lot of women pushing babies in prams, and, at Fulham Palace, where workers have been busy regenerating the park and playground area, there were children everywhere. Some of the new facilities, including a mini skateboard park, have been opened — it all looks great, but I hope they remember to reinstate the cycle lane which seems to have been subsumed by the construction work in recent months.

And I have to say that the residential streets of Fulham, which aren't the most attractive, look lovely right now: they're all lined by cherry blossom trees, which are in full bloom. Some streets are white, some are pink. Next time I'll remember to bring my camera.

Total distance: 6.49miles (10.44km) | Ride time: 40min and 04sec | Average speed: 9.7mph | Top speed: 17.9mph


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