A quick morning trundle after a lazy lay-off

My bike has been much neglected in recent weeks owing to the weather — snow, ice, wind, extreme cold — and my inability to motivate myself. This time last year I was cycling at least 10 miles a day, but that was in sunny Australia, where the only thing that put me off was the heat!

But here in wintry old London it's too easy to find excuses to stay indoors and hibernate. As a result, I've notched up the grand total of about 50 miles since the start of the year.

This morning, however, I was keen to start the week on a positive note. I dragged myself out of bed and did a quick 6-mile trundle, taking in the Thames tow path, Putney Bridge and the back streets of Fulham — all before the families on half-term break started clogging up the streets with prams and dogs and kids.

It was exhilarating to be out and about, but the ice-cold wind made my eyes pour with tears. And by the time I got in the door my hands were numb. By contrast, my feet, wrapped up in extra-thick woollen hiking socks, were cozy warm.

Total distance: 6.45miles (10.37km) | Ride time: 37min and 02sec | Average speed: 10.4mph | Top speed: 17.5mph


One thought on “A quick morning trundle after a lazy lay-off

  1. Wasn’t it great to be out after being constrained by ice for over a week. My experience was the reverse of yours though – toasty hands (in gloves from Aldi) but freezing toes despite 2 pairs of socks and winter cycling boots!


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