A short loop via Hammersmith Bridge and Putney Bridge

One of the benefits of living so close to the Thames is that I don't have to travel far to find a car-free cycle route.

This morning, after I waited for the rain to stop, I thought I'd go for a very quick trundle, avoiding my usual haunts, and did a small-ish loop taking in both sides of the river on the eastern side of Hammersmith Bridge.


Castlenau Road (also known as the A306) was the busiest part of my journey, but once I turned off it and cycled past the London Wetland Centre I had the whole of the Thames tow path (see above) to myself.


I then dashed past Craven Cottage, home of Fulham Football Club…


…then onwards to Putney Pier…


…before braving the horrendous potholes on Putney Bridge, to make my way home through the back streets of Fulham. 

The route from the London Wetlands to Putney Bridge is part of National Cycle Route 4, so well sign-posted and with provision, near the bridge, for cycling on a dedicated lane. The rest of the route, on the Fulham side of the bridge, is also very well signposted for cyclists — just follow the blue signs and you'll get to Hammersmith in no time!

Total distance: 6.41miles (10.3km) | Ride time: 34min and 38sec | Average speed: 11.1mph | Top speed: 17.8mph

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