Start the week as you mean to go on

When you look out the window and are greeted by beautiful blue skies and glorious sunshine, it's hard to believe it's winter. But step outside and you'll soon know it.

This morning, conscious that the predicted top was going to be a mere 6°C, I made sure I rugged up well for my planned cycle to Richmond Park: a long-sleeved wicking t-shirt, a fleece and cycling jacket, a pair of longs and TWO pairs of socks. I had all my hair lopped off last week, so I had to make sure all my collars — three of them — were zipped up to the very top to protect the back of my now-exposed neck.

Once on the road, shortly before 11am, I was glad of all those layers. Every breath I sucked in was so cold it hurt my lungs. But it didn't take long to warm up. And once I was in the park, which is a five-mile cycle away, I was perfectly toasty inside all my clothes!

I was glad to have taken my proper camera, because the entire park looked spectacular under its blue winter sky. Here's a few snaps to admire.


I can't help thinking that the light dusting of frost on the ground looks like someone's spilled a giant packet of icing sugar.


And maybe they spilled two packets here!


Bishop's Pond looked like an ice-rink.


Funnily enough, the deer I usually see at Ham Cross Plantation, were not around. I cycled a bit further and there they were, all huddled together in the sunshine on top of a hill, taking shelter from the colder ground lower down. Who said deer were stupid?

Total distance: 15.55miles (25.1km) | Ride time: 1hr 27min and 39sec | Average speed: 10.6mph | Top speed: 20mph


3 thoughts on “Start the week as you mean to go on

  1. Very lovely! I used to cycle, but it is difficult to find places here without traffic to contend with. I’ve been jogging instead these days since we do have a lovely trail near my home that is good for that activity.


  2. Just looked over your archive a bit and see that you do brave the traffic! I haven’t gotten there yet. Not sure when I got so phobic about it. Didn’t help that I didn’t cycle for years, traffic got worse/crazier, and I apparently lost confidence in my cycling abilities. Your blog is inspiring!


  3. Thanks, Terri. I do this 15-mile cycle regularly and 10 miles is along busy roads. When you live in London you have to contend with traffic, there’s no escaping it, I’m afraid. But after 6.5 years of doing it, it no longer terrifies me.


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