London to Moscow: a year’s worth of cycle trips

Back in June I waxed lyrical about notching up 687 miles (just over 1,000km) in five months, meaning I was on target to cycle at least 1,500 miles in a year.

Well, I’ve just added up my mileage between January 1 and December 31 and I’m pleased to say I cycled the grand total of 1,593.1 miles (2,563.3km) in 2011.

That’s roughly the equivalent of cycling the distance between London and Moscow.


According to my records, the number of miles I cycled every month was far from consistent. In April, when I spent a lot of time abroad (Ireland and then the UAE), I notched up a miserable 54 miles. By contrast, in September, when I was commuting regularly to a freelance job in South London I cycled a grand total of 233.8 miles.

I’m sure if I was more dedicated, I could have easily added an ADDITIONAL 1,000 miles to my existing total — but I’m blaming my lazy gene (and my age) for not having done so!

Here’s a neat little graphic showing the fluctuations in my mileage month by month.


For the record, my monthly totals were as follows:

January 162.8 miles | February 134.4 | March 124.4 | April 54 | May 142.3 | June 114.3 | July 155.2 | August 112 | September 233.8 | October 150.7 | November 89.5 | December 119.7

Let’s see if I can achieve the same — or greater — in 2012!

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