Richmond Park — in reverse


Determined to make the most of the weather — fine and dry but toe-numbingly cold — I took a quick scoot around Richmond Park at lunch time today.

I've cycled around the Tamsin Trail so many times over the past 10 months I did something radical — well, radical for me — and cycled around it in the reverse direction. What a revelation that proved to be!

There were some parts that were damn hard work — steep hills and slippery paths — and others that were lots of fun — downhill and free-wheel heaven.

I ended up doing the entire circuit — instead of cutting across the park via Cycle Route 4, which is what I normally do — and saw no more than a handful of people, dog walkers mainly.

The conditions were not much better than yesterday. The wind was still gusty, but not near as fierce, and it was so chilly that three miles from home I realised I had no feeling in my toes, they were numb from the cold. I really have to invest in some thermal socks, I think.

Total distance: 16.88miles (27.15km) | Ride time: 1hr, 37min and 44sec | Average speed: 10.3mph | Top speed: 20.2mph


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