A chilly cycle through a sepia-coloured landscape


Don't let this pleasant scene (above) fool you. There may have been sunshine and blue skies when I headed out on the bike for a trundle around Richmond Park this morning, but the wind was so gusty and horrible it was almost impossible to stay on the bike at times.

It was really hard going and by the 6-mile mark I'd already stopped for two short breaks, where I contemplated turning around and going back home. Alas, I persisted, buoyed on by the beautiful scenery.


The park is looking pretty wonderful at the moment. Many trees have lost their leaves now, but quite a lot are still holding onto theirs and everything is imbued with a lovely bronze glow. The colour palette is all browns and burnt orange.


In some places, looking across the landscape of pale straw grass, dried bracken, burnt heather and autumnal leaved trees it was almost as if I was viewing a sepia-toned photograph. (Note the grazing deer in the one above.)

It was chilly out, though. I'm glad I decided to wear an extra layer — a fleece jumper over my long-sleeved t-shirt — because there was an icy edge to the wind. Even before I'd cycled a mile, I was out of breath, not from exertion, but from the cold air burning my lungs — it was quite difficult to breath.

Nice to get out and about, although I'm not sure my numb tootsies would agree!

Total distance: 15.45*miles (24.85km) | Ride time: 1hr, 30min and 54sec | Average speed: 10.2mph | Top speed: 21.2mph

* Bike computer sorted now, thanks to Mr London Cycling Diary! For some reason it was using the wrong wheel size, even though I hadn't altered any settings. Go figure.


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