‘My, that must be horrible’

I knew I shouldn't have said anything. As soon as I mention how unseasonal the weather is and how conducive it is to cycling at this usually folorn time of the year, what happens? It suddenly gets cold and wet — very wet.

Well, the cycle in at 8.20am was fine, it was the cycle home at 5.45pm which was uncomfortable.

At one point, my face in grim concentration, the rain coming down in gusts, the taxis rushing past and spraying water up into my eyes, I trundled slowly past a pedestrian crossing near the Royal Albert Hall and heard a strong American accent say very loudly — and pointedly in my direction — to her companion: "My, that must be horrible."

Well, yes, lady it was rather horrible cycling in that wind and rain IN THE DARK and fighting for road space with tarmac-hungry motor vehicles but I'd rather do that than be squashed on a bus or tube with strangers for an hour. Cycling in these conditions really makes you feel alive — and the hot shower, when I get home, is divine.

Total distance: 10.10*miles (16.24km) | Ride time: 1hr, 07min and 20sec | Average speed: 9mph | Top speed: 20.9mph

* This still doesn't sound right — think my bike computer might need to be re-calibrated or something.


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