Mild November weather, perfect for cycling


Hard to believe it's late November and I'm only just donning my "proper" cycling longs — the fleecey Altura ones that have seen better days. (Note to self: must buy a couple of new pairs to see me through the winter.)

But it's still so mild, there's no need to wear fleecey tops just yet. In fact, I'm just wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt under my cycling jacket. And this evening, I was so toasty warm, despite the darkness and the damp roads, that I had to undo the zip on my jacket to let some cool air in!

I'm not complaining. It'll be winter for long enough — if it ever decides to arrive.

Note this photograph was taken last week while taking a stroll around Westminster, but this is the usual view I have every morning as I cycle through Parliament Square. No need to check my watch at this point; I just let the Big Ben clock face tell me the time!

Total distance: 10.72*miles (17.24km) | Ride time: 1hr, 14min and 08sec | Average speed: 8.6mph | Top speed: 18.2mph

* This doesn't sound right — it should be roughly 14 miles.

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