Sunday sun and cycle

Shining_sun It's October. It's supposed to be autumn, but it feels like summer. What better way to make the most of the unseasonal weather than jumping on the bike and doing a quick lap of Richmond Park?

At 9am the air had a lovely fresh tingle to it. There was barely a soul about — at least through the backstreets around my local neighbourhood.

But once in the park — a 4.5 mile trundle away — there were certainly plenty of people bustling about: joggers, walkers, cyclists (of all varieties — and fitness levels), dogs and babies. And the sun was burning off the dew and making everything look bright and new.

We stuck to the Tamsin Trail for the most part, but did a detour across the middle of the park along Cycle Route 4 and then stopped at the little caravan near the Pen Ponds car park to buy refreshments — a coffee and a muffin. Well, to be honest, it was my breakfast. (I noted some people were tucking into bacon butties.)

We raced back to Roehampton Gate in ultra-quick time (it must have been the caffeine). I had considered doing an additional loop but the park was getting a little congested — we headed home instead, and were back in the door at about 10.15am. A great start to a sunny Sunday.

Total distance: 14.70miles (23.65km) | Ride time: 1hr, 6min and 08sec | Average speed: 12.1mph | Top speed: 21.7mph


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