A warm end to September


The summer we never had seems to have arrived in full force this past week. It was 27°C yesterday and 29°C today. I'm not complaining. It makes cycling to work a rather pleasant experience when the skies are blue, the sun is shining and the air is warm and balmy. (Although the pollution in the evening is a little grim and plays havoc with my lungs.)

This morning was particularly beautiful as the sunshine filtered down through the autumnal trees in Hyde Park (pictured above), burnishing everything with a soft golden glow.

I've been rather lax in keeping this diary, but I cycled to work four days last week, did a 15-mile cycle to Richmond Park on Sunday morning, and cycled in three days this week, hence the stats below.

Total distance: 101.21miles (162.84km) | Ride time: 9hr, 1min and 21sec | Average speed: 11.3mph | Top speed: 22.7mph

Update: I have now added last week's commute to the figures above, making the total 101.21 miles, not the 64 miles as originally stated. I had deleted these figures from my bike computer but had written them down in my note book — I had forgotten all about them until now.


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