A Sunday trundle — with snaps

SundayCycle20110918 What is fast becoming a weekend habit, the Other Half and I went on a Sunday morning trundle.

We left the house at around 10.30am and cycled a big loop, beginning and ending in Hammersmith, via Barnes, Richmond Park, Ham and Richmond.

To begin with, the weather was cool but dry. The overcast skies would occasionally break into moments of bright sunshine. But on the whole the conditions were pleasant for cycling — not too cold, not too warm, no wind and no rain.

The only tricky conditions were the mud and puddles along the tow path near Ham — thanks to what looks like a high tide that had washed up lots of flotsam and jetsam.

But we rewarded ourselves with a cuppa and a small snack at Tide Tables Cafe, by the river at Richmond, so all was well with the world.

Rather than bore you with the detail, here's some random snaps that I took on my camera phone along the way:


Inquisitive ducks — they were rooting around the leaf cover for creepy crawlies to eat


The pond near Ham Gate in Richmond Park


Ham House, a National Trust property built in 1610


Sail boats on the river


Herbal tea and a strong coffee to revive us


Bust of Bernardo O'Higgins, Chilean independence leader


A riot of autumnal colour

Total distance: 19.35miles (31.13km) | Ride time: 1hr, 54min and 55sec | Average speed: 10.1mph | Top speed: 21.7mph


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