A Saturday morning cycle through Richmond Park


I'm not quite sure what possessed me to go on an early morning cycle today. By rights I should have been nursing a hangover — I consumed three-quarters of a bottle of sauvignon blanc last night — but no, I wake up at 5.18am, can't get back to sleep and by 7am I'm thinking maybe I should go for a bike ride?

So, at 7.30am, I mention to my Other Half, who was lying in bed listening to his iPod, that I might just sneak out for a trundle. And then he offers to join me. So, a little after 8am, we've got our bike kit on and our bikes at the ready, and then we're scooting down the back streets of Hammersmith and Barnes, enroute to Richmond Park.

I had expected the park to be lovely and quiet, but it was heaving with dog walkers, mountain bikers, joggers and walkers, and the roads were thrumming with the sounds of road cyclists whizzing by in tightly packed pelotons. But it was great to be out and about, breathing in the heady scent of dew-covered bracken fern and seeing all the lush greenery of the park in whatever direction you cared to look.

The trees are just starting to turn, so I imagine in a few weeks time the park is going to be filled with a riot of burnished browns and golds and orange. It seems such a long time ago that I was cycling here under bare-armed branches in the depths of winter!

All up we did about 15 miles, only stopping once for a quick drink from our water bottles. My stats below include four days' worth of commuting (which I was too lazy to write about):

Total distance: 64.18miles (103.26km) | Ride time: 5hr, 49min and 27sec | Average speed: 11mph | Top speed: 22.1mph


2 thoughts on “A Saturday morning cycle through Richmond Park

  1. Hi Kimbofo
    I can just picture it, as you describe it.
    Good stuff!
    It’s getting more warm that than cool here in Melbourne; forecast is 25degC on Saturday! Partner’s just recovered from flu, so I can feel a family velocipede outing coming on!


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