Bank Holiday commuting


It was a Bank Holiday Monday here in England today but there was no rest for the wicked — I had to go to work as per normal, because the printing press stops for no one!

Fortunately, the best thing about going to work on a Bank Holiday is the lack of traffic on the road. When I cycled in at 9am there was nary a car or a bus or a taxi on the road. As a result I shaved more than 5 minutes off my usual commuting time, and that was without really trying.

Coming home at the other end of the day was slightly busier (see the photograph above of traffic queueing to go around Parliament Square at about 7.30pm), but it was still pretty quiet.

The only grief I had was caused by another cyclist, who cut in front of me at the lights, then took off at a snail's pace, cut me up a bit more, then proceeded to turn left without signalling. I gave him a piece of my mind — well, I rather sarcastically shouted, Thanks for the hand signals!

Total distance: 12.41miles (19.96km) | Ride time: 1hr, 07min and 01sec | Average speed: 11.1mph | Top speed: 19.2mph


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