A return to Richmond Park


After a slack week in which I only cycled to work twice — I had too many social engagements in the evenings, so took the tube on those days — I decided to make up for it today.

The weather was gorgeous and sunny, so I headed to Richmond Park for a quick pootle around the Tasmin Trail early this afternoon.

Of course, it was fairly hectic in the park, and at one stage, near the White Lodge, the traffic was gridlocked getting into and out of the car park. But once I sailed past the jam and headed to the Wimbledon side of the park it was much quieter — and hence quicker.

I stopped once, to take the photograph above — and admire the planes drawing big white pictures in the sky — before heading back home.


En route I spied a cricket match being held in a secluded corner of Barnes Common — how lovely and quintessentially English!

Total distance: 15.43miles (24.8km) | Ride time: 1hr, 21min and 36sec | Average speed: 11.3mph | Top speed: 21.3mph

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