Night rider


After putting in a 12-hour rather intense shift at work the last thing I really wanted to do was cycle home in the dark — and the rain.

But hitting the road at 9pm on a chilly Monday night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. In fact, it was a lot of fun. There was hardly any traffic around — of either the bicycle or motorised variety — which made for a rather quick ride.

And cycling is the best way of putting physical — and mental — distance between work and home. By the time I got in the door, I felt like I'd left the worries of the day behind me.

Sadly, I haven't much had the energy to update this blog every time I've commuted into work over the past couple of weeks. But my bike computer has clocked up the following statistics representing 6 days' worth of cycling:

Total distance: 76.19miles (122.59km) | Ride time: 6hr, 48min and 51sec | Average speed: 11.1mph | Top speed: 20.8mph


3 thoughts on “Night rider

  1. I completely agree with putting mental and physical distance between self and work – getting home after a hard cycle home I’ve always forgotten about my work frustrations! And I’ve been known to stay at work until 8pm to avoid the pedestrian traffic on Oxford St and the car traffic on the Whitechapel Road.


  2. The best thing about cycling is that it forces you to “live in the moment”, which means you really can’t be thinking about anything else. Hence, you don’t worry about what happened at work because there’s no brain space to do so.


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