The mystery of the horse-drawn vehicle


It looks like last week's sighting of an immaculate horse-drawn vehicle during my morning commute was no fluke. I saw the same carriage again this morning, and this time I was sat at traffic lights so had time to grab my camera phone for a quick snap.

The vehicle is being pulled by two white horses, and the man driving it is all decked out in coat, tails and a top hat. There are two horses being ridden by riders in white breeches and khaki jackets following close behind.

I took the photograph as the horses were crossing Hyde Park Corner. They had come from Constitution Hill and were heading into the park. I suspect they belong to the Household Cavalry, which is based at Knightsbridge Barracks adjacent to Hyde Park.

What is it in aid of, I wonder? Are they practising for a royal event? It looks quite processionary, even funeral like. Anyone got any theories?

Total distance: 12.64miles (20.35km) | Ride time: 1hr, 8min and 29sec | Average speed: 11mph | Top speed: 21.6mph


3 thoughts on “The mystery of the horse-drawn vehicle

  1. Wow, it looks fantastic whatever it’s in aid of…it does look like of funeral-ish Are the powers that be expecting some one very grand to pop their clogs at any moment!


  2. That was my thought too.
    I saw a different carriage this morning, so I think the Royals entire collection is getting a dusting off.
    They all look very impressive — and cause the traffic to stop and stare!


  3. perhaps they are keeping the horses in shape. after all the Queen is having her coronation next year.
    maybe the horses need to be around London type noises so they dont freak out.
    where’s Dr Dolittle when u need him?


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