A return to commuting

Today I got back in the saddle as a commuter for the first time in seven months.

Admittedly, the cut and thrust of the morning rush hour caught me by surprise. I'd forgotten what it was like to find yourself stuck behind a convoy of SEVEN red buses crawling snail-like along Kensington High Street, while black cabs and white vans hogged the outside lane, and ten trillion fellow cyclists kept you company at the traffic lights.

And I'd also forgotten the delight of seeing unexpected things on your journey. This morning it was an immaculate horse-drawn carriage that looked like it had been lifted from a Charles Dickens novel. The coach driver was all decked out in appropriate 19th century garb, too.

I didn't see anything particularly exciting this evening, but I really enjoyed the journey home. It was hectic on the road, but because I didn't leave the office until 6.15pm I think I probably missed the worst of it.

I got a buzz riding the last two miles, mainly because I was accompanied by about six other cyclists, and we managed to "take the lane" as a fast-moving bunch. Safety in numbers, and all that.

And the best part? I get to do it all again tomorrow!

Total distance: 13miles (20.90km) | Ride time: 1hr, 13min and 8sec | Average speed: 10.6mph | Top speed: 18.9mph

5 thoughts on “A return to commuting

  1. Just for a little bit, Lisa. Am doing a 6-week freelance contract, back at the same company I used to work at. Been very nice to catch up with people I haven’t seen in yonks, and the job’s one I’m familiar with, having done it in 2003-05, so I’m hoping it won’t stress me out too much. LOL.


  2. All your cycling and reading..You’re an inspiration, Kim. I’ve followed your Readimg Matters for years. A few months ago I took up cycling here in Sydney. This is another blog to add to my faves.


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