The 1,000km milestone

Since the start of the year I have cycled 678 miles, which is roughly 1,090km.

That equates to cycling between Sydney and Brisbane!

Or, for you Europhiles out there, the distance between Paris and Edinburgh!

This mileage has been accumulated purely through leisure cycling — no commuting or racing — on an entry-level hybrid. I haven't cycled every day (as this blog will attest) but I have tried to do two longish cycles per week since February. But even then, with trips away (10 days in Ireland, another 10 days in Ireland, then 2 weeks in Abu Dhabi), it hasn't always been possible. Imagine how far I could travel if I got more serious about it… Moscow, here I come!


3 thoughts on “The 1,000km milestone

  1. It’s brilliant when you realise just how far you’ve gone on your bike. I did 2000 miles in the space of 7 months and worked out that it would be the same distance as travelling to the south of Italy from here.
    Plotting it on Google Maps is always fun. 🙂


  2. Almost mostly commuting. I’ve severely limited my use of public transport and I don’t drive
    It’s much more fun to go everywhere in London by bike…even if you do turn up drenched from the rain or sweaty on a hot day. 🙂


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