A quick cycle to Putney and back

Just a short ride today. A 6-mile loop via Putney Bridge, cycling along the tow path on the south side of the Thames then trundling along the back streets near Craven Cottage on the north side.

The weather was pleasant and sunny. Plenty of people out and about.

Track conditions were good on the tow path. It seemed wider than I remembered it (I haven't cycled this section in a year or two) and the surface was quite thick and stony.

By contrast, the dedicated green cycle path on Putney Bridge is in a woeful condition: very bumpy and with lots of potholes that you don't see until you are almost on top of them, or have fallen into one. Next time I would find it safer, and less damaging to my bike, to actually cycle in the main traffic lane.

There is lots of construction work happening in Bishop's Park, near Fulham Palace, so cycling through here wasn't a particularly pleasant experience either. Interesting to see that someone must be throwing lots of money at improving the park's facilities. I just hope that the cycle path remains in place.

Total distance: 6.80miles (10.94km) | Ride time: 45min | Average speed: 9mph | Top speed: 16.8mph


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