The sky looks like a painting


Snapped this at about 3.30pm on the hill overlooking Pen Ponds in Richmond Park. The clouds were scuttling by very fast and occasionally blocking the sun, plunging everything into the shade.

I pottered around the park and stopped on several occasions to either lie in the sun, admire the view or read my book.

It was a bit windy at times, and the amount of pollen in the air, mainly from the London plane trees, wreaked havoc on my lungs, causing me to cough and splutter a lot. I'm getting over a horrible chest cold, so that hasn't helped. I'm wondering if a face mask might help me out at this time of year… ?

Total distance: 22.55miles (36.28km) | Ride time: 2hr 11min and 28sec | Average speed: 10.2mph | Top speed: 24.9mph


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