Back on the bike after a 14-day hiatus

One of the best things about cycling is noticing the changing of the seasons.

I've been away (again) in Ireland (again), and so I haven't had an opportunity to cycle since my last post on April 1. Fast forward two weeks and so much has happened to the trees in London: they're all pretty much in leaf. I even spied some bluebells, which typically don't come out until May.

And the wet muddy tracks I've spent the best part of two months cycling along have all dried up and turned rock hard.

Today I cycled what I call my Hammersmith to Ham to Richmond Park lap. Very pleasant weather (I wore shorts for the first time this year) and not that many people out and about either, so I had the cycle paths to myself. The Thames Path was especially quiet: I used to see far more people when I ventured out in wetter, colder weather during the months of February and March.

But how lovely to be back on the bike again after a 14-day hiatus. I need to work off the excess Guinness from my last trip!

Total distance: 18.69miles (30km) | Ride time: 1hr 48min and 39sec | Average speed: 10.3mph | Top speed: 19.3mph


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