A quick cycle to beat the rain


When I saw this cloud hovering over the Serpentine, in Hyde Park, a little before 3pm today, I thought I should probably race home before I got caught in a downpour.

I'd only headed out to visit the post office (I humped 10 paperback books in my backpack, all parcelled up and ready to be dispatched across the world, courtesy of the World Book Night competition I hosted on my book blog), but I figured it would be the waste of a good cycling opportunity if I didn't go for at least one little trundle around Hyde Park.

I wasn't really dressed for cycling (or the conditions) and was wearing jeans tucked into my socks to prevent any nasty accidents with my chain. I did one lazy loop (the head wind going up the Broad Walk was horrendous) and was thinking about doing a second, when I spied the cloud above and felt the imminent threat of rain.

By the time I'd made my escape route, via Kensington High Street, it was starting to spit and the sky turned a nasty shade of black.

"Phew, got home just in time," I thought, as I locked my bike away and headed indoors for a cuppa. No sooner had I put the kettle on than the sun was shining full blast through the living room windows as if it was a glorious summers day. How bloody typical.

Total distance: 8.29miles (13.3km) | Ride time: 47min and 25sec | Average speed: 10.5mph | Top speed: 21mph

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