A perfect day for a bicycle ride


Blue sky, sunshine, little or no wind and a riot of yellow daffodils in bloom.

What more could you ask for in terms of the perfect day for a bicycle ride?

Well, I'd probably request a little more warmth in the air (I was wearing three layers of clothing to keep snug), but it was certainly very pleasant conditions for cycling around Richmond Park.


I had two stops during my 22-mile journey. The first was at this gorgeous little pond, near Richmond Gate, where I munched on a muesli bar in the sun, and the second, towards the end of my journey, at Roehampton Gate cafe, for coffee and carrot cake.

I did one entire circuit of the park, following the Tamsin Trail, which is a shared pathway for cyclists and pedestrians. It's easier cycling along here than on the road proper, because there's fewer hills, and you don't have to worry about the road cyclists trying to run you over either!

After one complete circuit — Roehampton Gate to Roehampton Gate — I did a half-circuit, turning off at Ham Gate to follow National Route 4 which cuts right through the middle of the park.

Next time, if the weather is as lovely as it was today, I might head out with a book in my pocket: it would have been brilliant to sit in the sun to do a spot of reading, before cycling home again.

Total distance: 22.41miles (36km) | Ride time: 2hr, 9min and 2sec | Average speed: 10.4mph | Top speed: 20.9mph


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