How sweet! Giant jelly babies spotted in London!


In the past three days I've drunk more beer than I have for the preceding three months (thanks, in part, to a house guest from Canada), so today I was anxious to do something that wasn't quite as harmful to my health! Out came the bike — and the wet weather gear.

I figured, somewhat optimistically, that two laps of Hyde Park in the mid-afternoon rain would be enough to compensate my beer binge.

When I saw these giant jelly babies on a pedestal at Marble Arch, near Speaker's Corner, I did wonder if there was latent alcohol still in my system. Surely they weren't real?

The sculpture is so tall and colourful and sweet that it seems a little too surreal to be standing there in the giant traffic roundabout that is Marble Arch. But there they are, with cute smiles on their faces, beaming out at the world like the innocent creatures that they are. Indeed, they look almost good enough to eat!

According to this BBC news story, the officially named Jelly Baby Family is part of the City of Sculpture Festival "which will include installations donated by some of the world's leading galleries and artists".

This sculpture, which is by Mauro Perucchetti, will remain on display until April. The tallest jelly baby is 10.5ft high, while the smallest is 7.5ft.

There's a rather sweet video of the sculpture being installed here:

Jelly Babies 1 from Halcyon Gallery on Vimeo.

Now you don't see things like this every time you go cycling in London, but when you do it reminds you why the capital is such an exciting place to experience on two wheels.

Total distance: 10.5 miles (16.8km) | Ride time: 57min and 53sec | Average speed: 10.9mph | Top speed: 18.8mph


3 thoughts on “How sweet! Giant jelly babies spotted in London!

  1. I saw Mauro’s pigmented Jelly baby family in Rome. Amazing colorful work! I read that he lives and works with his wife art promoter of his work in London. What a cool couple! I think Mauro and his wife Lorena Perucchetti are the next Jeff Koons and his wife.Love to see his work all over the world!
    Art collector
    Mike Jones
    LA/New York


  2. Love,love his work. Mauro truly is a very talented artist and I honestly have not seen any other artist doing what he does. His signature style with resin is amazing. I know he mastered this medium. What a Genius!


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