Two morning rides to beat the heat

Is 10.20am too early to have a beer?

That was my first thought when I finished yesterday's 16km ride.

I'd set out early to avoid the heat (the predicted high was 40°C) only to find it was actually very warm at 9.20am.

By the time I got back home and checked the temperature gauge in my parent's "weather station" the temperatue was already 29°C.

With similar temperatures being predicted for today, I headed out on another early ride. I left the house at 10.10am and was back an hour later. The temperature at that time was 29°C again.

Riding in that kind of heat isn't too bad if there's a slight breeze and you've got plenty of water with you.

What I liked about both rides was the stillness and the dryness in the air. This morning was particularly quiet, save for the chatter of birds.

The highlight, apart from seeing numerous rabbits and even a fox, was spying a pair of goldfinches which cut and dived in front of me, the gold of their wings flashing. They came to rest on a fence post a little further along to watch me cycle on by.

I couldn't help but think it was a sign to see English birds on my ride: this time next week I'll be back in London, braving the winter cold.

3 thoughts on “Two morning rides to beat the heat

  1. It was a tropical (going on recent temperatures here) 4 degrees C on my drive to work this morning. Cant wait to bring my bike out of its hibernation!


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