Two contrasting cycles


Cycle 1: Yesterday

Weather conditions: Temperamental. Started off dry, then got very wet very quickly, then windy, then sunny, then another very heavy shower, followed by more sunshine.

Highlights: Seeing a whole field of cows trying to cram under some low-lying paperbark trees for shelter from the rain!

Lowlights: Seeing a calf lying in a ditch in an empty paddock. I thought he was dead, until I saw his eyes blink. I made a note to check him on the way back. By the time I'd returned his mum was with him. She didn't seem too worried about him, and he was looking a bit more alert, with his eyes open and ears pricked up, so I can only hope he wasn't sick, just a bit tired.

Distance: Roughly 16km.

Cycle 2: Today

Weather conditions: still summer's afternoon, perfect conditions for cycling.

Highlights: Seeing a black swamp wallaby on the track ahead of me near the local swamp. We both stopped and looked at each other. I got within about 10 metres of him, before he bounded off into the swamp land below. His fur was so black I could not spy him amongst the blackness of the muddy ground. But then I heard some movement and I watched him bound off into the distance, taking giant leaps through the reeds and swamp gums. Magic.

Lowlights: None that I can think of.

Distance: Roughly 16km.

Special note: Did today's cycle in record time, shaving at least 10 minutes off the standard time achieved during much of December. Feeling much stronger and fitter than I did 5 weeks ago!

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