A Sunday morning cycle


I squeezed in a quick bike ride this morning before heading off to an 80th birthday lunch.

When I hit the road at 10am the smell of a new, fresh summer’s day in the offing was awesome.

I’m not sure how to describe it, but it was a kind of heady mixture of evaporating dew and freshly cut hay mingled with dry dust. It took me awhile to twig that it was actually the smell of my childhood, in particular those early morning walks to the bus stop for my daily ride into school. I took deep inhales — of nostalgia.

Further into my ride the quintessential Aussie tang of eucalyptus got added into the mix.

It was a refreshing change not to be riding in the heat of a summer’s afternoon. Consequently, I was able to cycle full pelt for much of my journey.

There were quite a few people out and about, mainly family groups, so I did a lot of “meeting and greeting”. I even managed to say a quick hello to this rather adorable cow in a field of adorable cows — Fresians and Jerseys all mixed in together.


About 40 minutes later I was back in the door, the sweat pouring off me. Not sure of the total distance, as I cut my usual route short in order not to miss my lunch date. I’m guessing it was roughly 10km.

[For reference, I also did my usual 16km route on Thursday January 20 but neglected to record it here.]


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