Shuffling off to Buffalo

Rail Trail 007

After 10 days of shuffling back and forth on the same 8km section of rail trail, I expanded my horizons a little and went in the other direction today.

It was really pleasant weather for cycling — about 23°C and very little wind.

Rail Trail 028

The scenery was stunning for the first 6km of my trek, as the trail overlooks the floodplains of the Tarwin River. This area is diary-farming country and comes dotted with magnificent gum trees, Fresian cows (the black and white ones) and newly made round hay bales.

Rail Trail 032

The best bit was cycling over the new "trestle" bridge which crosses the river.

Rail Trail 017

And then it was into the hinterlands, on a relatively flat trail surrounded by scrub and lowland forest.

The surface was, at times, covered in leaf litter and the odd fallen tree branch. In the dappled shade I had to keep my eyes peeled at all times, half-thinking that most of the branches on the ground were snakes. They weren't.

Rail Trail 018

As it turns out the only creatures I saw were magpies, bunny rabbits and this little echidna who walked right across the trail in front of me. Of course, by the time I got the camera out, he was almost in the scrub, and because he'd heard my arrival, he was going at full pelt. In 10 seconds he was in the roadside undergrowth curled up into a ball of prickles.

I managed to get myself tothe township of Buffalo unscathed, before turning around and heading back to my point of origin. The round-trip was 35km. It took me roughly two hours done at a fairly easy pace with regular stops to take photographs.

Next time I might be braver and see if I can make it all the way to Foster.


4 thoughts on “Shuffling off to Buffalo

  1. Hi Kim,
    I think you were brave cycling 35km in 23 degrees!
    The little Echidna looks so cute, reminds me of a trip to Florida, USA, where we spent a very pleasant afternoon in a National Park, chasing Armadillo around.


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