Cycle track friends


I'm beginning to become so familiar with my 16km route that I'm noticing subtle changes to the scenery: this gorgeous looking bull has moved into the paddock which has a water company sign on the fence; the black Holsteins that were in the paddock near the reed beds have gone; and the paddocks on the hilly incline have been slashed.

Today I also had company on my cycle. After days of having the entire track to myself, it came as somewhat of a shock to come across two cyclists — an elderly man looking a bit lopsided on his bike and a woman wearing wraparound shades and all kitted out in lycra — and an elderly male pedestrian ambling along.

Towards the end of my ride I also came up behind two men pushing a pram while two young kids trailed after them. Despite ringing my bell and then shouting "excuse me" they seemed oblivious to my arrival, until the little boy shouted "Dad, get out of the way!" That seemed to do the trick.

I guess it was the lovely afternoon sunshine that brought them all out. Hopefully that's the end of the rain and wind for a bit.



3 thoughts on “Cycle track friends

  1. A white Christmas here as well (Somerset UK).
    Blue skies and fluffy clouds are but a distant memory!!
    No matter how secluded a spot you find, you can bet that the world and his wife want to be there, at the same time.
    The bull has the right idea, a space all of his own!!
    Have a great Christmas


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