Have wheels, will travel


I'm spending the next month in Australia and thought it might be a good idea to get myself a set of wheels to explore the countryside.

I bought this little baby, a Trek FX 7.0, this morning for $AU399 (£UK250).

I then went on a maiden voyage with it and cycled the 8km from the bike shop to home along a dedicated cycle track that cuts through farmland and native bush. I had the entire place to myself — just me, the magpies and the cows!


The only thing that slightly worried me was this sign (see below) pasted on one of the roadside posts.


Fortunately the weather is currently a bit too mild for the snakes to be out and about, but it does make me thankful that the only native wildlife I really have to worry about in London is the odd duck or two wandering across my path in Hyde Park!


4 thoughts on “Have wheels, will travel

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  2. Thanks, Matthew. Having just been to China and done a little cycling there, I’ll be intrigued to look at your video. There are bikes EVERYWERE in China, but they are far from high-end sports bikes that you might see on the road in Oz and the UK.


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