Bike Week

In case you missed it, this week is Bike Week, the biggest nationwide cycling event in the UK. It runs between Monday June 13 and Sunday June 21.

Unfortunately the website doesn’t make it very easy to search for local events, but I did see free bike safety checks being offered at Hyde Park Corner the other night so I had a look on the Royal Parks website to see if they had organised anything. Lo and behold, they are hosting an event in Hyde Park (Rotten Row) tomorrow from 4.30pm to 7.30pm, where you can “find out about cycle training, commuter challenges and group rides around local cycling routes”.
Meanwhile, to coincide with Bike Week The Guardian has (finally!) launched a bike blog. And next week they will go one step further and launch a monthly bike podcast on Wednesday June 24. You can listen to a preview of the podcast here.

In a press release* emailed to me this afternoon, Peter Walker, who is editing the blog, said: “The new Bike Blog is part of the Guardian’s popular Ethical Living blog, and is for every cyclist -– commuters, beginners, families -– not just the Lycra brigade. As well as the new podcast, the blog will include a wide range of cycling features, analysis of cycling initiatives and -– as with all of our blogs -– loads of input and participation from our readers.”

I can imagine the comments are going to make quite interesting reading, because god knows the anti-cyclist brigade need an outlet to vent their fury.

* In the interests of full disclosure, the Guardian has offered the first 25 bloggers who write a post about the podcast and new blog an Evans’ branded multi-tool. I won’t be taking up the offer.

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