Cycling for energy

One of the best things about cycle-commuting is the way it energizes you at the start of the day, and gives you "breathing space" between work and home at the end of the day.

When I cycle to work in the morning I arrive at the office feeling like I can take on the world. It seems silly to think that expending all that energy getting to work under my own steam actually makes me feel more energetic, but it's true.

When I commute to work I feel brighter, less sluggish and more motivated to tackle the day's challenges.

And when it comes to cycling home, that time spent on the back of the bike means I'm no longer thinking about work. Instead, all my energy, all my mind-power is focused on the task ahead: which is to get home safely as quickly as I can.

I find that when I park the bike at the end of the day, I literally bounce in my front door and feel incredibly chirpy and upbeat. This is, I hasten to add, not my normal state of being, which tends towards the grumpy and introverted. Perhaps it's the adrenalin high kicking in. Whatever the case, cycling makes me a nicer person to be around. I feel happier and less inclined to shut myself off from the world.

I sleep better too. And, for someone who is definitely NOT a morning person, I tend to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to do it all over again.

For those reasons I am so glad to be back cycling on a more regular basis. Today marks my sixth work day commuting in a row — my best effort since last October. Long may it continue.

4 thoughts on “Cycling for energy

  1. How anybody can feel that bouncy and chirpy after rising at 5.15am is beyond me, maybe it’s my age. Know what you mean though. Even torrential rainstorms, angry taxi drivers and choking bus fumes are much, much more preferable to the sardine run on the tubes and the buses that are slower than walking. Really like your blog, been following a few days now, some interesting stuff. I commute down Kensington High Street too, though not quite so enjoyable at 8am weaving through stationary traffic.


  2. Hi Paul, thanks for all your comments. As you can see I haven’t been updating the blog for awhile. I had to stop cycling again due to a flare up in my arthritis (I get it in the hands, which makes cycling difficult), I then went on holiday and now I’m confined to my bed with a suspected case of swine flu, so not sure when I will get back cycling again.


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