Tube strike

A 48-hour tube strike is being planned in London, from 19.00hr tomorrow evening.

The London Cycle Campaign has launched a plan to get people to cycle to work to beat the strike.

You can find out more via the official website.


2 thoughts on “Tube strike

  1. Great to see the tube strike having a positive impact on cycling. Not only are Londoners peeved with the frequent strikes, which, frankly speaking, shock foreigners who come to live here, they are also peeved with the cost of transport in London. Cycling is definitely a much faster and cheaper option for many a Londoner to get to work or to get around town. Glad to see it gets a boost.


  2. It does cost a lot to use public transport and I know it gets a bad press, but I honestly love the tube network – it really is one of this city’s treasures. Sadly, it is over-subscribed which can make travelling on it at peak times hugely uncomfortable and dehumanising.
    That said, its quicker to get around by bike. But secure parking facilities are sadly lacking and I would certainly not leave my bike in places I consider dodgy. I am lucky that my work offers secure underground parking as I would not be comfortable leaving my bike on the street. Speaking to other cyclists I know, this is a common complaint.


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