So, I didn't cycle yesterday and I was grumpy as hell all day.

So, this morning, I was up and in the shower by 7am and out on the road at 7.40am.

So, I arrived to work very early and instead of heading straight to my desk I ventured to M&S Simply Food and bought myself a carton of tropical juice and some little pots of yoghurt. So, that's my breakfasts sorted for the rest of the week.

So, this evening, bearing in mind that Monday's stint along The Strand was choked with buses and taxis (and dozy pedestrians), I took my normal route south of the river, crossing over at Westminster and cycling around Parliament Square.

So, I have never seen so many police in my life, or, more to the point, so many police vehicles — they are being used to keep the Tamil protestors barricaded on the green — there's dozens of them parked bumper to bumper around the inner lane of the square.

So, I wonder how much money that is costing the taxpayer in police overtime?

So, I'd forgotten all the little things I see when I cycle, all the events that occur, all the landmarks I pass that make me realise how much I love London and, more importantly, how much I love cycling this city's streets.

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