A bug in my eye!

I cursed myself for not donning my sunglasses on this evening's ride home. It wasn't because the sun was blinding — far from it. It was more to do with the insects flying about. No sooner had I negotiated all the horrible bumper-to-bumper traffic along The Strand (mental note, don't cycle this way home again, it's far too fraught and bloody slow) than a bug flew into my left eye and then bounced right on out again! And yes, it hurt, thanks for asking.

I'd forgotten about the dangers of cycling without protective eyewear. Tomorrow I'll be making sure I have my sunglasses on my face, rather than floating around in my cycle bag!


4 thoughts on “A bug in my eye!

  1. ouch! that sounds painful! have yet to cause myself any injuries cycling ( unless you count the unable to sit without a cushion soreness, after a particularly long ride!)But my 7yo broke her wrist,whilst we were taking part in a local ride :0/ As she has just started at the local cycling club its a bit of a downer….
    Hope the bug left no lasting damage and look forward to reading more of your blog :0)


  2. I always have prescription glasses on, so I don’t have to worry about eye wear, it is always there. I DO have to remember to breath through the nose or teeth though… Gulp!


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