Today’s commute in pictures

It snowed overnight in London, the first time it's done so in October since 1934. However, the morning dawned bright and sunny, with nary a snowflake to be seen. It was damn cold though. I donned three layers — a long-sleeve base t-shirt, a fleece and a cycling jacket — and hoped my nose wouldn't get frostbite!

I took my camera, because I was anxious to get a photograph of the beautiful autumnal trees lining the Broad Walk in Kensington Gardens before all their leaves turn brown and fall off. This is the result.


Aren't the trees gorgeous? Here's another shot.


Further into town my good mood dissipated a little when I came to George Street, which feeds into Parliament Square. The traffic was bumper to bumper and the road space I would normally use to filter my way to the top of the queue was obstructed by temporary barriers.


I had to get off my bike and walk along the footpath. Grrr.


On my commute home I had to stop behind Festival Hall and take a picture of the London Eye, which is currently all lit up with green lights. The colour scheme of the lights changes from time to time. In the next couple of weeks they should turn red — to commemorate Remembrance Day on November 11.

Note that this stretch of road (above) is one of the more hazardous on my route, not necessarily because of the motorised traffic but the steady stream of pedestrians which cross the road as they head to — and from — Waterloo Station in the morning and the evening. Most of them don't even bother looking as they step out into the road, which isn't surprising given half of them are gabbing on their mobile phones. Mindless chatter always takes priority over personal safety, don't you think?

Anyway, here's my final shot of the day, a somewhat blurry picture of Westminster Bridge with the Houses of Parliament and the Big Ben clock-tower in the distance. I never get sick of the sight of the clock-tower and love looking up into its face to check my time — so much better than a wrist watch, right?



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