A 6-week milestone

Last Friday marked my six-week anniversary of cycling "full-time" after a relatively long absence. I was pleased to achieve the goal I'd set myself: my prime motivation was to lose enough weight to fit into a suit I planned to wear at an event on October 12.  And yes, I wore that suit yesterday.

Unfortunately, I didn't cycle to work this morning owing to a lurgy I seem to have come down with. I was awake at 2am with a fever and raging sore throat. I struggled into work, muddled my way through a hectic press day, and then took myself home on a rather crowded tube train feeling a little sorry for myself.

I'm hoping this illness will simply morph into a mild head cold, rather than anything more severe, and then I'll be back on the bike as soon as I can. Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “A 6-week milestone

  1. Congratulations – on the six weeks, and the getting in the suit thing.
    On the subject of Lurgy, I hope there weren’t any men on the tube with you. It’s a well known fact that male physiology cannot fend off Lurgy, and that this can frequently develop into full blown Man ‘Flu . . .


  2. The definition of lurgy is: A fictitious, yet highly infectious disease; almost always used in the phrase “the dreaded lurgy”, sometimes as a reference to flu-like symptoms.
    It’s simply another way of saying you are ill!
    Mine seems to have morphed into some kind of horrible infection — not a cold — so I probably won’t be on the bike until next week. These infections are a semi-regular occurrence, I’m afraid.


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