Morning light

This morning was one of those beautiful crisp autumnal mornings.

When I headed out at 7.45am it was semi-dark, not because the sun hadn’t risen but because there was a light mist hanging in the air through which a rose-coloured light was being filtered.

At Hyde Park the surface of the Serpentine was hidden by a thin veil of mist just sitting over the top of the water. Typically, I had no camera to capture the beauty of it all, but it was a lovely way to start the day — something I would have missed altogether had I chosen to get to work by tube.

The evening was also remarkably sunny, too warm for my fleece leggings and my winter gloves, which I have taken to wearing these past few days. Tomorrow, I may just have to dig out my shorts and fingerless gloves for one last airing before the real wintery weather sets in…

3 thoughts on “Morning light

  1. I had the same thing on Monday – part of my route now takes me pas the back of a factory next to the Tyne. They have a big gas storage plant, which is COLD, and generates mist all year round. On Monday, it was like I was cycling on top of the clouds, but no camera.
    Today I took the camera. No mist! But I DID have a lovely ride, so I guess you can’t win ’em all.


  2. I have enjoyed your site and the content. I don’t want to put a downer on what is otherwise a great Friday, but had a very near miss this morning which kind of goes withthe territory, however this was different in that it invloved a nurse and the police. I was commuting along the main road just outside St Thomas’ hospital – I was in the buss lane which was free of trafic tracking along at a good pace. The outside lane was running slowly which created a gap for a nurse in a car, who dived across both lanes without looking down the bus lane. I saw this happening in slow motion so yanked on the brakes, got sideways and ended up smacking into the side of her car. I walked around the other side of the car to ask her to be a little more careful in future and to be aware of cyclists when she told me in no uncertain terms what she thought. A little taken back by the ferocity of her attack I sugested that she calm down, which only made matters worse so I suggested I should take down her number plate deatils name and address and details of her insurer just incase. By the time I got a pen from my bag and scribbled down her number plate she sped off. Luckily there were a couple of police officers nearby dealing with another issue. I was able to interrupt and relay my story suggesting that although no harm done, in effect she left an accident which is a hit and run. The police when presented with the story, her number plate and car description were relatively uninterested. Car Driver 1 Cyclist Nil. Anyway here’s to a better ride home….


  3. Tim, sorry to hear you experienced something like this. She doesn’t sound like a particularly caring nurse. And as much as the attitude of the police stinks, they probably automatically think “the cyclist is to blame”. Hope you managed to get home okay on Friday night. I know what it’s like to have an incident on the morning commute only to have to face your fears and get back on the bike for the evening ride home.


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