On being thankful that I can cycle
I caught the tube yesterday. The journey in was tolerable; the journey home unbearable. I won’t be making that mistake again.

On wide empty roads
Not sure where everyone was tonight, but I liked it. Quite a lot of bikes, but very few cars. It was especially congestion-free through Westminster and right on down to the Albert Hall. It made for a very fast ride, helped in part by catching pretty much every green light. Woo-hoo.

On racing a Porsche
Sat behind a lovely black 911 at Price of Wales Gate and for the next two miles we played chasey with each other: sometimes he’d overtake me, other times I’d overtake him. In the end, I won. Those TV ads are right: it really is quicker by bike!

On leaving the young ‘uns eating rubber
One of my pet hates is other cyclists who sneak in front of you at the lights, even if you got there first. I’m convinced people eye me up, think “I could beat that old girl” and decide to sit in front of me because they don’t want to be held up. Nine times out of ten, I am quicker than them off the lights and have to overtake them — if it’s safe — within the first 25 metres. Tonight, three young chaps — not much older than 20 — did this to me at one set of lights. When the green signal came, I simply powered past them and was sat at the next set of lights for a good two minutes before they caught up. They’d learnt their lesson though, and didn’t sneak ahead, but sat politely behind me. Think they must have clocked that the woman old enough to be their mother was fast off the blocks, so they better stay out of the way! Hee, hee.

One thought on “On

  1. I am so glad you dusted the 20 year olds. Hee hee he (and more maniacal evil laughter)! There is hope for an old guy like me. Of course I don’t race though.


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