Democracy in action

Today's highpoint was cycling around Parliament Square to the beat of what sounded like a thousand drums.

The road itself was relatively quiet, but the grassed area was heaving with people, many holding up banners, chanting a slogan that had something to do with Tamils*. 

I love cycling around Parliament Square when protests are in full swing. It doesn't happen nearly enough these days, because the Government has basically outlawed protests in the Designated Area around Westminster Palace, where Parliament sits, without official Police approval.

Tonight, it was so colourful and noisy and, yes, exciting to see these peaceful protesters exercising their democratic right to demonstrate. Cycling past them was a bit of a sensory overload experience, like something out of a film, and I was sad to leave the cacophony behind when I left the Square and headed down the much quieter Bird Cage Walk.

* I've since looked it up online — it was a protest by British Tamils "to
lobby the UK political establishment and law makers to take immediate
action to halt the indiscriminate aerial bombardment carried out by the
Forces of Government of Sri Lanka against innocent Tamil civilians in
the Vanni region". You can find out more here.

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