The tail end of things

Tail_lightI had to buy a new tail light yesterday. On Tuesday night my other one decided to fall off my bike while I was travelling at speed, bounce onto the road and get run over by a taxi! All the while I had two pedestrians yelling at me in strine Australian accidents: "Something fell off, something fell off!" And as I turned my head to see whereabouts my light had landed, I saw it go under the wheels of a passing taxi. There was nothing left for me to do than continue cycling…

Anyway, I ended up getting a Cateye LED tail light for £12.99, but I also bought a very clever compact light that is on a length of elasticised cord — you turn it on using a magnetic switch at the end of the cord (see pic); how cool is that? I see people wearing these on the backs of their helmets or tied to their backpacks but I haven't figured out where I will attach it just yet…

Just for the record, I cycled yesterday morning but didn't cycle home — I had a social engagement after work, so I left my bike in secure storage and caught the tube home.  This meant I had to catch the tube into work this morning — erk, absolutely horrible, I have not missed tube travel at all, having to cram in with loads of smelly, grumpy, lethargic-looking people — but cycled home this evening and felt the better for it.

It will be back to regular, twice-daily cycling tomorrow. And thank goodness for that…

3 thoughts on “The tail end of things

  1. I looked out of my cozy living room at 7am this morning and contemplated catching public transport in instead. The sky was dark grey, trees were bending over in the wind, leaves were being whipped around the garden and the temp was around 8º. I then thought about what it would be like on the train, tube and bus I’d have to catch and decided that was far more gruesome than anything I’d have to face on the road!


  2. I did the same thing, Adrian, but decided to cycle regardless of the weather. It was the first morning that I actually felt cold out on the bike — I regretted wearing my shorts. Looks like I’ll have to dig out the leggings for next week’s commute.


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